Let the World Spin

This past weekend was one for experimenting.


That’s right people, I tried marijuana. So now I’m going to explain exactly how it felt for me (as best as I can, ’cause I was, like high, ya know?).

Friday Night:

Four others and I trekked out to a big lawn on campus after an unsuccessful night partying and drinking. (I say unsuccessful because we weren’t getting super wasted or super hit on.) So, our one friend had . . . 4 grams I believe. We smoked 2. We used a bowl, and I actually lit it really well. (I’m getting the hang of it guys!) We were all freezing and we all got really giggly. I wasn’t super-duper high, but I was . . . good, to say the least. Slept like a frickin’ rock too.

Saturday Night:

Dressed up. Went out. Frustrations that will be saved for another post. Came back, not drunk and barely buzzed. So, we’re going to call him CT, asked me if I wanted to smoke (he was pretty tipsy). I reluctantly agreed. So him, me, and another girl went out and smoked. Bowl again. It worked a lot better. Dizzy, spin-y, flying high through nothing. Went inside, went in his room, smoked more with a vape. My hands were cold and I felt like my blood wasn’t circulating to my legs. I was quiet and cough-y and giggly. I couldn’t really think enough through the haze to speak. But yet, it was kind of a beautiful surrender. I was basically unable to do anything, express anything. I don’t remember everything perfectly. I know everything was shift-y and it was like the world spun around me. It was like everything was finally at peace.

Now, I am not meaning to glorify “drug” use with this. This is just one little girl’s experience with the world of pot, and it should be taken with a grain of salt. I don’t plan on becoming a pothead anytime soon (I’m too cheap for that shit), but I can see myself enjoying it from time to time. Who knows. It works a hell of a lot quicker and better than alcohol. Another bonus – I woke up feeling great today. Very unmotivated and sleepy, but great.

One revelation, though – the world may spin round and round, but it will always come back to what it was before.



About margaretviolet

"When choosing between two evils, I always like to try the one I've never tried before." - Mae West
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