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"When choosing between two evils, I always like to try the one I've never tried before." - Mae West

Moments to Restore your Faith It’s been a tough year for the world at large, and at times it’s been hard to hold onto hope. But reading these stories, even after all of the tragedies, I am renewed in my … Continue reading

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Let the World Spin

This past weekend was one for experimenting. That’s right people, I tried marijuana. So now I’m going to explain exactly how it felt for me (as best as I can, ’cause I was, like high, ya know?). Friday Night: Four … Continue reading

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Singular Point of View

I know I’m happier when I’m single. I feel free, I’m not always thinking about someone else, and I love to flirt. So maybe I’m happier because I’m really just selfish, who knows. But I did get to thinking the … Continue reading

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Once, the choic…

Once, the choice seemed simple. No question of if, only who. When your time came to marry, you searched the available waters for the strongest swimmer and then you plunged in as if you had fallen, crying to be saved. … Continue reading

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Start Again

I would like to know when it all starts. When life actually begins. When your breath catches from astonishment. When your eyes are wide with wonder. When your heart beats fast with blood. When everything starts moving again. But maybe … Continue reading

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Sans Hook Up

Last night was a Friday night. It doesn’t take rocket science to figure out what I was doing. It was my friend’s birthday, and his guy friends had planned a huge night for him. He probably was close to having … Continue reading

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